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With your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds .....

Lavish family celebrations in the sunny park, romantic candlelight dinners under a starlight canapé, a wedding in our summer tent - Jagdhaus Waldfrieden offers many possibilities for organising special celebrations.
A registrar from the Rantzau registry will be pleased to do the honours or officiate for you. Between May and September, you can hold your wedding ceremony outdoors - either in the open air or in a white wedding tent to shield you and your guests from the vagaries of the weather. You can say "yes” in the presence of up to 55 guests. And indulge in the culinary delights conjured up by Chef Thomas Lubin: He will be pleased to assemble a fine and delicate range of regional and Mediterranean cuisine as well as providing wine recommendations.

Contact us for some interesting ideas – we’ll be happy to send you our wedding file.
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